Who We Are

The Friends of Scusset Beach is a non profit organization that is organized to promote and conserve the natural, scenic and historic resources of Scusset Beach State Reservation. We are here to assist the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the operation of Scusset Beach Reservation; and to assist and work in cooperation with the Park Supervisor, Forest Supervisor and Army Corp. Engineers in general support and enrichment of Scusset Beach State Reservation.


The group was organized in September 2009 and has undertaken several fund raising and work projects to help improve the reservation.

We presently have over 200 members of all ages and from as far away as Florida.

Our members come from many different walks and enjoy the Reservation in a variety of ways like camping, fishing, bike riding or going the beach for the day.

What we all have in common is that we enjoy Scusset Beach State Reservation and support the friend’s organization in a variety of ways as a means to improving the park.



Group Officers


President                Raymond Moreau

Vice President            Holly Thomas

Treasurer                   Linda Robbins-Porazzo

Asst. Treasurer           Steve Earle


Become a Member

Become a Friend PDF

(Applications also available at the park office)